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Ignorance and Familiarity

Posted in Baseless Musing on March 25, 2009 by Krazmaz

Much like Truth and Reconciliation, only different on almost every level.

One of my pleasures in life is the show Frasier, in fact I’m watching it now. I have the boxed set, containing every episode. It was a mighty gift, mighty because it’s actually quite a large physical object; rammed to the gills with discs brimming with Kelsey Grammer based goodness.

While I like, nay, love having access to every single episode at the mere flick of a plastic disc containment device I feel a loss, of sorts. Back in the old days I used to catch occasional episodes of Frasier on Channel 4. These appeared rarely (for me, at least) and in no order that I could discern so it was more like a light barrage of non-connected events and references for things I didn’t know had happened.

Now I have the overview of the entire series. Never again the thrill of the unknown, as it were. Much like with Black Books, where I had much the same deal going on.

Can you see where I’m coming from?

If so, good, as I’m rapidly losing my own thread. Either way, I had the same deal with Games Workshop products. Or at least, that deal goes to serve as an example for another point.

As a lad there was a Games Workshop outside the local cinema (now moved, both of them, oh well) and after going to see some entertaining film or other (when you’re young most anything is entertaining) I would goggle with wonder at the various brightly coloured tanks, spiky aliens and other interesting things in the window of the place.

I now know the tanks to be whirlwinds and predators (destructor pattern, specifically) and the spiky alien to be a carnifex (one of the old fashioned screamer ones, I like those). This somewhat removes an element of the romanticism.

Ugh, I’ve lost my thread for this now. Basically put, familiarity breeds contempt is a fine phrase, though in this case it’s more accurate to say what I’m trying to convey is ‘familiarity breeds complacency and boredom’ of a sort. So keep moving, I guess.

Or whatever. It’s mostly balls, the above, and some very narrow examples that say alot about me….



Posted in Baseless Musing on March 21, 2009 by Krazmaz

I was thinking that morals are a lot like unicorns.

I mean, they’re both made up, but they’re both real in the sense that people know what both of them are. Hell, you can even buy unicorn art and other such trifles and while you can’t buy moral art there is reams and reams of stuff written about them which half-way translates their existence into a physical sense.

But both exist only by dint of our capacity to think, and were there no people around to come up with them, neither would have come into being.

More likely, however, all of that was complete crap. That seems more likely.

Also: unicorns? Seriously?


Posted in Uncategorized on March 16, 2009 by Krazmaz

A cadre of ghosts is reading what I write. I find this oddly stimulating.

Just Kant shut up

Posted in Failures on March 16, 2009 by Krazmaz

Kant puns, never get old.

But yeah, remember all the stuff I said about Kant in the previous thingy? Yeah, all stupid. I was just missing the point by several furlongs. The seminar I just left really drove this home quite painfully when I flailed like a jackass without making a single worthwhile point and basically just demonstrating at that I had, as said, missed the point.

On the plus side I now have a slightly better understanding of Kant and what he was saying, which is something I guess; doubly something as Kant remains a rather dry, irritating fellow.

But yeah, me stupid. Dooo.

Philosophical cul de sacs

Posted in Baseless Musing on March 15, 2009 by Krazmaz

I was thinking about defining myself as a substance. No real reason, I was just sitting in the kitchen doing some reading and the mind wandered somewhat. I settled on water, after a brief bit of mulling. My reasoning being something along the lines of my lack of definitive stance on anything (that would be the flowing to fit anything part, up to a point), a fantastic ability to freeze up (GET IT?! FREEZE?! WATER?! I kill me), an ability to…corrode metal? Perhaps a whimsical notion of having immense destructive power is placed into the correct conditions.

At this point the whole thing started to fall apart somewhat (as if it was holding together at all in the first place). It fell apart fully when I realised that I was, in fact, a human being and while being composed of quite a lot of water I was quite resolutely not a liquid. I shut down this wasteful use of my head and put it back in the game, as it were. My head, that is.

Bit of a waste of time, all told.

Also, I’m reading Kant and I must say I’m finding him frightfully hard to follow and not a little annoying. He’s waving around ‘duty’ and ‘inclination’ like two children he’s immensely proud of for reasons he’s not yet deigned to tell us. He also hasn’t noticed that they aren’t actually children, but loaves of bread with smiley faces carved into them.

He won’t hear a word against them, mind, and he’s so very proud.

I’m probably just not very good at picking up his argument. Considering my summing up of his initial points was “It’s the thought that KANTS!” I think we can all see about the mental level I’m operating on. Kant puns. And if he carries on with the loaf babies I’ll be using a lot more, and a lot less polite.

But I’d still be wrong.


Posted in Failures on March 11, 2009 by Krazmaz

I can never come up with anything worthwhile to say in this thing, really, which begs the question why I say anything at all. Right now for example, it seems needlessly…meta? Possibly the wrong word. In fact, it probably is, but either way.

As of right now I am sitting in my room with the curtains drawn (largely to reduce glare, and also to turn my room into a wonderful little cosy faux-womb), listening to a tribute to Black Sabbath while occasionally leafing through the various books and such on my desk. I am waiting to go to lunch.

Beyond staying awake since some time yesterday, spending about twelve hours drinking, discussing matters random and playing violent games with an associate before watching a very beautiful morning I have done nothing worthy of comment, or at least nothing so thought provoking that it compelled me to squeeze my words into electronic format.

Well, the previous were thought provoking in their own way, but any riveting, earth-moving notions that plopped into or otherwise emerged in my head have long since gone. These things happen.

I’m largely writing this as I felt that since I have this thing, I might as well use it a little. Also, slightly bored. I’ll come up with something better later, maybe.

Though I wouldn’t get my hopes up, personally.

PS. Comment, damn you, my brace of visitors!


Posted in Baseless Musing on March 5, 2009 by Krazmaz

Inititally I was going to state that I find London an ugly city, but this in itself was a mistake waiting to happen and also wrong, as I don’t. Agreeably some parts of it are rather hard on the eye (specifically the bits I was watching whizz past on the train into Charing Cross the other day, bits like the rubbish, the muck and the fold up table that had somehow ended up on a roof) but there are also wonderful looking buildings of numerous ages and styles overlapping in a thoroughly unordered way.

Somehow this is appealing to me. I used to find it just plain unpleasant looking; an endless, hellish urban stretch with no rhyme or reason but suddenly now that’s rather an appealing thing. Or rather, it’s no long an endless, hellish urban stretch but instead an endless, patchwork urban stretch. Uh, it is a valid difference I assure you.

I think perhaps I was of a whimsical turn of mind at the time, thinking of how the city does rather look like someone’s squashed together a lot of disperate leftovers from various eras and then a couple million people decided to live in it and how this was a rather nice thing, but hell. I just enjoyed watching all of this shoot by on the train.

Except for the table on the roof, that was just bizzare. And the gigantic Cadbury caramel ad (I didn’t know they still had that rabbit); it was Mirror’s Edge last time on that place, but I digress.

Yeah, that didn’t have a point, really, I just decided I rather like the contrast between old buildings, the shiny newer ones all sprinkled with a light topping of the decay these sort of places bring. I guess it makes me feel secure in some unnatural way.

Or whatever, I don’t know