Inititally I was going to state that I find London an ugly city, but this in itself was a mistake waiting to happen and also wrong, as I don’t. Agreeably some parts of it are rather hard on the eye (specifically the bits I was watching whizz past on the train into Charing Cross the other day, bits like the rubbish, the muck and the fold up table that had somehow ended up on a roof) but there are also wonderful looking buildings of numerous ages and styles overlapping in a thoroughly unordered way.

Somehow this is appealing to me. I used to find it just plain unpleasant looking; an endless, hellish urban stretch with no rhyme or reason but suddenly now that’s rather an appealing thing. Or rather, it’s no long an endless, hellish urban stretch but instead an endless, patchwork urban stretch. Uh, it is a valid difference I assure you.

I think perhaps I was of a whimsical turn of mind at the time, thinking of how the city does rather look like someone’s squashed together a lot of disperate leftovers from various eras and then a couple million people decided to live in it and how this was a rather nice thing, but hell. I just enjoyed watching all of this shoot by on the train.

Except for the table on the roof, that was just bizzare. And the gigantic Cadbury caramel ad (I didn’t know they still had that rabbit); it was Mirror’s Edge last time on that place, but I digress.

Yeah, that didn’t have a point, really, I just decided I rather like the contrast between old buildings, the shiny newer ones all sprinkled with a light topping of the decay these sort of places bring. I guess it makes me feel secure in some unnatural way.

Or whatever, I don’t know


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