I can never come up with anything worthwhile to say in this thing, really, which begs the question why I say anything at all. Right now for example, it seems needlessly…meta? Possibly the wrong word. In fact, it probably is, but either way.

As of right now I am sitting in my room with the curtains drawn (largely to reduce glare, and also to turn my room into a wonderful little cosy faux-womb), listening to a tribute to Black Sabbath while occasionally leafing through the various books and such on my desk. I am waiting to go to lunch.

Beyond staying awake since some time yesterday, spending about twelve hours drinking, discussing matters random and playing violent games with an associate before watching a very beautiful morning I have done nothing worthy of comment, or at least nothing so thought provoking that it compelled me to squeeze my words into electronic format.

Well, the previous were thought provoking in their own way, but any riveting, earth-moving notions that plopped into or otherwise emerged in my head have long since gone. These things happen.

I’m largely writing this as I felt that since I have this thing, I might as well use it a little. Also, slightly bored. I’ll come up with something better later, maybe.

Though I wouldn’t get my hopes up, personally.

PS. Comment, damn you, my brace of visitors!


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