Philosophical cul de sacs

I was thinking about defining myself as a substance. No real reason, I was just sitting in the kitchen doing some reading and the mind wandered somewhat. I settled on water, after a brief bit of mulling. My reasoning being something along the lines of my lack of definitive stance on anything (that would be the flowing to fit anything part, up to a point), a fantastic ability to freeze up (GET IT?! FREEZE?! WATER?! I kill me), an ability to…corrode metal? Perhaps a whimsical notion of having immense destructive power is placed into the correct conditions.

At this point the whole thing started to fall apart somewhat (as if it was holding together at all in the first place). It fell apart fully when I realised that I was, in fact, a human being and while being composed of quite a lot of water I was quite resolutely not a liquid. I shut down this wasteful use of my head and put it back in the game, as it were. My head, that is.

Bit of a waste of time, all told.

Also, I’m reading Kant and I must say I’m finding him frightfully hard to follow and not a little annoying. He’s waving around ‘duty’ and ‘inclination’ like two children he’s immensely proud of for reasons he’s not yet deigned to tell us. He also hasn’t noticed that they aren’t actually children, but loaves of bread with smiley faces carved into them.

He won’t hear a word against them, mind, and he’s so very proud.

I’m probably just not very good at picking up his argument. Considering my summing up of his initial points was “It’s the thought that KANTS!” I think we can all see about the mental level I’m operating on. Kant puns. And if he carries on with the loaf babies I’ll be using a lot more, and a lot less polite.

But I’d still be wrong.


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