Ignorance and Familiarity

Much like Truth and Reconciliation, only different on almost every level.

One of my pleasures in life is the show Frasier, in fact I’m watching it now. I have the boxed set, containing every episode. It was a mighty gift, mighty because it’s actually quite a large physical object; rammed to the gills with discs brimming with Kelsey Grammer based goodness.

While I like, nay, love having access to every single episode at the mere flick of a plastic disc containment device I feel a loss, of sorts. Back in the old days I used to catch occasional episodes of Frasier on Channel 4. These appeared rarely (for me, at least) and in no order that I could discern so it was more like a light barrage of non-connected events and references for things I didn’t know had happened.

Now I have the overview of the entire series. Never again the thrill of the unknown, as it were. Much like with Black Books, where I had much the same deal going on.

Can you see where I’m coming from?

If so, good, as I’m rapidly losing my own thread. Either way, I had the same deal with Games Workshop products. Or at least, that deal goes to serve as an example for another point.

As a lad there was a Games Workshop outside the local cinema (now moved, both of them, oh well) and after going to see some entertaining film or other (when you’re young most anything is entertaining) I would goggle with wonder at the various brightly coloured tanks, spiky aliens and other interesting things in the window of the place.

I now know the tanks to be whirlwinds and predators (destructor pattern, specifically) and the spiky alien to be a carnifex (one of the old fashioned screamer ones, I like those). This somewhat removes an element of the romanticism.

Ugh, I’ve lost my thread for this now. Basically put, familiarity breeds contempt is a fine phrase, though in this case it’s more accurate to say what I’m trying to convey is ‘familiarity breeds complacency and boredom’ of a sort. So keep moving, I guess.

Or whatever. It’s mostly balls, the above, and some very narrow examples that say alot about me….


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