There are times when I find the approach of the modern media objectionable.

This is actually marginally two-pronged, and neither prong is that pointy (to continue a metaphor) but both prongs serve very well in getting up my arse. Neither being pleasant when they do.

If you get me.

Firstly, the one that just annoys me. Modern documentaries seem to have been watching too many movies and have decided that simply telling you things in an informative manner is not enough; instead, all things must be accompanied by visual representations and often-times quite ridiculously dramatic music.

I was watching some show yesterday (with mother, as is custom) about exploration and the spread of knowledge in the late medieval period; going to the orient, the new world, introduction of classical texts thanks to Islamic writings and so on. An interesting subject, if you like that kind of thing, and generally well done. But when being told about a monk (whose name eludes me now, typcially) who was very instrumental in the introduction of the scientific method of experimentation and so on is being shown an actor dressed as a monk tinkering with ‘SCIENCE!’-type props while dark sounding choral music blares in the background really neccessary? I was already watching! You have my attention!

And then they cut to another shot, and another one, and another one. All in the space of about a second. I hate that kind of thing. But now I’m just babbling.

My second prong was more about the news media.

This swine flu epidemic is no joke. People have died and clearly the illness is serious. With the proper responses it shouldn’t prove too bad, however, or at least not as bad as it could be. People will still die, unfortunately, but then anything else is pure wishful thinking.

That said, this sudden barrage of “SWINE FLU! IT’S COMING FOR YOU! TALK TO OUR EXPERTS! THEY KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU, YES YOU, ARE GOING TO DIE HORRIBLY!” kind of thing is really quite annoying. In America it’s even being used to re-open discussion about tighter border control, because clearly the whole problem is plague-riddled Mexicans traipsing into the country. Alternatively, it’s all a terrorist plot. Obviously.

My thoughts are muddled and unguided. Just take the above as a generally anti-fear mongering sentiment. Caution is good, it keeps us alive, but beyond enacting measures designed to try and lock-down outbreaks and stockpile medication what can we do? Shitting ourselves will accomplish little and takes time away from other news, which would be anything!

At the end of the day though I’m not worried because we’re all dead from SARS and bird-flu already anyway. Then again, they do say third time is the charm…

Well, it’s good to see that I can consistently blather all the way to the apocalypse. It was nice knowing everyone. I’ll see you next time WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE.

Alternatively, I could just be talking out of my arse. I think the prongs must have punctured something.


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