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Posted in Baseless Musing, Errors of the moment on May 29, 2009 by Krazmaz

Were I of cooler temper right now (and possessed of a smidgen more soberity) I would perhaps write a very articulate and reasoned article on how much and why I dislike religious extremists, iconoclasts, Evangelists, Jihadists, Christianists, Islamists, Zealots, Kharijites, people who embrace the doctrine of Takfir, people who believe in an all-loving God who is at the same time capable of bringing death and destruction on unimaginable scale and generally anyone who misses the point of their own blasted beliefs by several miles, a furlong and a learned-scholar (whose expertise they disregard because he’s apostate or some shit they just made up because they’re jackassses who want to do what they want to do but don’t want to conform to the boringly ‘peaceful’ and ‘non-violent’ rules of the faith they apparently believe in) but I can’t.

So I won’t.

Edit: having now indulged in a little clip perusal I am willing to extend my world-weary ire to non-religious people, too. Social, political and religious movements who don’t accept compromise and like to divide the world into us and them.

A good compromise might leave everyone unsatisfied, but at least it leaves more people alive to feel unsatisfied about it all.

Fecking Ada, I’m going to go and become an ascetic hermit of some description.


More human than human

Posted in Baseless Musing on May 21, 2009 by Krazmaz

I recently purchased a copy of the magazine ‘Wired’.¬† It’s a lovely publication; nice to read, nice to have around hell, even nice to just touch. Maybe even cuddle at night. But anyway. Full of some fantastic things it is. The Fetish sections are especially nice; drool-inducing glossy photographs of things you probably can’t afford and most likely don’t even need anyway but now you suddenly WANT. This month the special feature appears to be on ultra-durable equipment and clothing (including the most arousing Welsh-forged ice-axe I think I’ve ever seen).

But the main focus – of the front page at least – is a section that dwells upon the subject of ‘you…upgraded’. Transhumanism, you might say, would depend on your lexicon (hur hur). There’s also a fine article by Warren Ellis wherein which he professes his fear of being eaten by robots (alternatively of having his junk removed by a crazed Japanese urinal bot. Either way). I was initially going to try and make a segue from the former to the latter but for the life of me now I cannot remember how I was going to do it.

But yes. Transhumanism, eh? As far as I understand it it is the use of science, technology and basically anything else we can lay our fleshy, human hands on to improve ourselves and slowly chip away at the slightly more undesirable aspects of the human condition (namely things like disease, despair, aging and – wonderfully – ‘involuntary death’ as listed on the wiki; I love that).

To me, I am reminded heavily of GM crops. My rather slack mental reasoning behind this being that both idea on paper look great (‘Less aging/disease/etc!’ ‘More food and easier!’), are slightly harder to work in practise (‘My brain implant has left me emotional scars due to it being inserted during conscious surgery and is also giving me hallucinations!’ ‘These GM crops are all clones! And are dying! And are also replacing the crops that are not dying!’) and also have a lot of concern about them ranging from the fairly well informed to the rather hysterical (‘Science!’ ‘Man was not supposed to do X!’)

That was a long one. But yes. On the whole I support some of these things but only if they’re done right; now that’s a plattitude. On the other hand I am always amused by people who feel that there is some sort of arbitray LINE where humanity is supposed to stop doing things. GM crops, bad, animal husbandry and selective breeding of crops, good. O…kay? Since, wait, what? Limb transplants, werid and bad, peg-legs, good! Says who? I had no idea Long John Silver was a surgeon. Or whatever. I don’t know. I just get annoyed at that sort of argument. Hamstringing progress because of “It just don’t feel right, y’know” is kinda ridiculous especially in light of whatever humanity has been doing since forever.

I for one look forward to becoming a super-human cyborg. It probably won’t be as interesting as its postulated but who cares, whenever I jump it’ll make the noise from the “six million dollar man”. Although that might get old fast. Then again, that sort of thing also depends heavily on what the concept of a person actually is and how many bits can be put in, removed or replaced before you consider them less of a person. If any pieces. Now that’s a complex issue.

Most likely though I’m talking out of my weak, human arse.


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I appreciate Laphroaig.

Points of reference

Posted in Uncategorized on May 10, 2009 by Krazmaz

So, thanks to my subscriber editions of the wonderful magazine PCGamer my wall is now adorned with a handsome poster shower all of their two hundred odd issues. Not what most people would choose to decorate their rooms with to be sure but PCGamer has something of a special place in my heart for reasons that are hard to express. I look at it and I can see the first issue I ever got (now sadly lost, along with the two immediately following it); a certain issue number seventy five.

However, what’s more is that I look at these various covers and I remember the time at which I got the issue (roughly) and more importantly what sort of things I was doing at the roughly the time I got them. For example, when I got that first issue I was a but a comparatively wee-lad in school, busy being a jackass. The magazine, with its fancy pictures and talk of ‘com-poo-torr gayms’ was a fascinating object. The issue also has the review of System Shock 2, a game which in retrospect I really should have got at the time.

But yes I also see the covers and remember times past in my home time, places now gone, friends houses gone to, holidays¬† taken, places been in and so on. It seems odd and rather purile and silly to measure one’s life in gaming magazines but then again it’s not the only measure of life that I use, it was merely one that I have. We all have our points of reference, one of mine just happens to be this magazine.

I also suppose that whenever I look at the poster I get all misty-eyed and nostalgic, and I’m nothing if not an addict to looking back through rose-tinted glasses. Also, despite there being two hundred of them and being having ‘been around’ for about a hundred and twenty five of them, it still doesn’t feel like that long a time…

It’s probably just me.