Points of reference

So, thanks to my subscriber editions of the wonderful magazine PCGamer my wall is now adorned with a handsome poster shower all of their two hundred odd issues. Not what most people would choose to decorate their rooms with to be sure but PCGamer has something of a special place in my heart for reasons that are hard to express. I look at it and I can see the first issue I ever got (now sadly lost, along with the two immediately following it); a certain issue number seventy five.

However, what’s more is that I look at these various covers and I remember the time at which I got the issue (roughly) and more importantly what sort of things I was doing at the roughly the time I got them. For example, when I got that first issue I was a but a comparatively wee-lad in school, busy being a jackass. The magazine, with its fancy pictures and talk of ‘com-poo-torr gayms’ was a fascinating object. The issue also has the review of System Shock 2, a game which in retrospect I really should have got at the time.

But yes I also see the covers and remember times past in my home time, places now gone, friends houses gone to, holidays  taken, places been in and so on. It seems odd and rather purile and silly to measure one’s life in gaming magazines but then again it’s not the only measure of life that I use, it was merely one that I have. We all have our points of reference, one of mine just happens to be this magazine.

I also suppose that whenever I look at the poster I get all misty-eyed and nostalgic, and I’m nothing if not an addict to looking back through rose-tinted glasses. Also, despite there being two hundred of them and being having ‘been around’ for about a hundred and twenty five of them, it still doesn’t feel like that long a time…

It’s probably just me.


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