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Were I of cooler temper right now (and possessed of a smidgen more soberity) I would perhaps write a very articulate and reasoned article on how much and why I dislike religious extremists, iconoclasts, Evangelists, Jihadists, Christianists, Islamists, Zealots, Kharijites, people who embrace the doctrine of Takfir, people who believe in an all-loving God who is at the same time capable of bringing death and destruction on unimaginable scale and generally anyone who misses the point of their own blasted beliefs by several miles, a furlong and a learned-scholar (whose expertise they disregard because he’s apostate or some shit they just made up because they’re jackassses who want to do what they want to do but don’t want to conform to the boringly ‘peaceful’ and ‘non-violent’ rules of the faith they apparently believe in) but I can’t.

So I won’t.

Edit: having now indulged in a little clip perusal I am willing to extend my world-weary ire to non-religious people, too. Social, political and religious movements who don’t accept compromise and like to divide the world into us and them.

A good compromise might leave everyone unsatisfied, but at least it leaves more people alive to feel unsatisfied about it all.

Fecking Ada, I’m going to go and become an ascetic hermit of some description.


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