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Fuck fuck shit cunt

Posted in Baseless Musing, Errors of the moment on June 5, 2009 by Krazmaz

Politics politics politics motherfucking politics.

I’m watchin’ the TEE VEE, right? Turns out some guy called Purnell has resigned from the cabinet. Had I paid attention to the cabinet in the last year or so I might have cared but even now I still don’t care.

He’s left because, apparently, Gordan Brown’s continued existence as Labour party leader is going to hurt their results in the next, inevitable election. It’s not like the fact that Labour’s been in power for the last REALLY FUCKING LONG TIME is going to mean they LOSE when there’s the general election or anything. I mean, sure, if you elect some new leader Labour will MAGICALLY FUCKING WIN the generaly election. Yeah, naturally, that shit’ll happen. Straight up. I hear that’s how democracy WORKS.

Oh yeah, David Cameron said something about this dude’s resignation; can you guess what he said? What was that? You think what he said had nothing to do with having a general election? Well, that was still wasn’t it! For the love of GOD does that piece of shit ever shut the fuck up?! ARGH. Do something! Stop bitching! Instead of saying “Current government: bad. We: better.” actually explain WHY you’re going to be better.  God I hate that smirking cunt. Seriously, have they produced a manifesto yet? They have? Start talking about it! Enough with the bitching! Right now! Enough!

God the world is a shitty place. Look at this crap, people are in some dire shit. Fuck, I’m annoyed. Purnell my fucking arse. Seriously, that a news story? Shit on a cake. Also, Boris Johnson falling into a hole? Fuck you, I don’t care. Fuck off. Don’t care. Not news.

Just…watch Obama’s speech at Cario university or something. Good speech.

More specifically, read “No god but God” by Reza Aslan. Go. Go now. Do it.

As for these bastards resigning and complaining and so on. So what. Deal with it. Powers stay in power for years, fall out of favour, fail, regain power, come back in and so on. DEMOCRACY. WELCOME TO THE FUCKING MACHINE.

I’m going to goddamn bed. My eyes hurt.

Well, that was angry, eh?