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Posted in Errors of the moment, Failures on October 22, 2009 by Krazmaz

So I was listening to Limp-Bizkit, right?

Okay, so before people scoff (which I would, to be fair) there’s a semi-reason behind this, and it’s name is nostalgia. Fairly soon, nary a handful of weeks from now, I will be a twenty year old male; I first purcahsed the album from which I listen, say, ten years ago. Back then I didn’t so much have no taste in music as have no music taste at all and was merely obeying a buddy of mine. A learning experience, I suppose, but still.

Life, all told. Twenty years, eh?

There was an initial point to this when I was walking back through the rain, but now since I’ve watched an SNL skit quite what I was thinking about has entirely left me. Let us repurpose.

Something to say…ah yes. When I was ten, back when I first purchased the first album I can half-rememeber as mine own, I was a jackass. I knew little of anything and was dim in my views of what I did know. Agreeably I was ten and it might be a little heavy-handed to hold myself to account in respect of how I feel and what I know now, but I’m like that.

If anything what I feel I’ve learnt from the tempestuious…tempetuous…whatever. That period when I were a young lad, I’ve learnt that being calm and reasoned in one’s assesment of anything is paramount. It may be a personal opinion but an impartiality and an ability to remain distant and unattached to any problem is very important and will generally yield good results. As a rule…

And I realise that I’ve entirely forgotten the nothing I was talk about. Time to cease.



Posted in Baseless Musing on October 10, 2009 by Krazmaz

I find the combination of looking through Facebook pictures of myself combined with Cindarella’s “Don’t know what you got (Till’ it’s gone)” almost amazingly moving. It might be the alcohol swilling inside of me – although it is only IPA – but the experience is somewhat of a rollercoaster.

I find myself looking at recent experiences with a sense of immediate loss; ‘that things has gone, boo-hoo’ before regaining myself and remembering how good it was. A stranger, incomprehensible sense fills me.

Stranger all the more for my haircut which renders the even fractionally older pictures quite stark in at least physical contrast if nothing else.

Sigh, little point to this, but it’s just an interesting thing. I can’t explain much more, I suggest you try it for yourself.

I’ll probably be more cogent later.