So I was listening to Limp-Bizkit, right?

Okay, so before people scoff (which I would, to be fair) there’s a semi-reason behind this, and it’s name is nostalgia. Fairly soon, nary a handful of weeks from now, I will be a twenty year old male; I first purcahsed the album from which I listen, say, ten years ago. Back then I didn’t so much have no taste in music as have no music taste at all and was merely obeying a buddy of mine. A learning experience, I suppose, but still.

Life, all told. Twenty years, eh?

There was an initial point to this when I was walking back through the rain, but now since I’ve watched an SNL skit quite what I was thinking about has entirely left me. Let us repurpose.

Something to say…ah yes. When I was ten, back when I first purchased the first album I can half-rememeber as mine own, I was a jackass. I knew little of anything and was dim in my views of what I did know. Agreeably I was ten and it might be a little heavy-handed to hold myself to account in respect of how I feel and what I know now, but I’m like that.

If anything what I feel I’ve learnt from the tempestuious…tempetuous…whatever. That period when I were a young lad, I’ve learnt that being calm and reasoned in one’s assesment of anything is paramount. It may be a personal opinion but an impartiality and an ability to remain distant and unattached to any problem is very important and will generally yield good results. As a rule…

And I realise that I’ve entirely forgotten the nothing I was talk about. Time to cease.


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