Further thoughts on Space Hulk

I recently – quasi-recently – purchased the third edition of the Games Workshop boardgame ‘Space Hulk’. It’s very cool lookingl fancy art and all that. I like Terminators, I like Genestealers and the original was released in the same year that I was born in. This is all information, and largely useless. The phrase ‘largely useless’ can be used as a segue to my general performance at the game.

Despite my almost encyclopedic knowledge of 40K lore and fluff I am quite astonishingly bad at this game, largely because knowing the nature of the warp and how the Emperor works has little impact on my ability to remember what my objectives are and maintain fire zones. And, more importantly, my ability to roll worth a damn. I know some say that it’s impossible to be ‘good’ at rolling dice, but I’m fairly sure those people are lying. They probably roll back-to-back sixes, too.


The game itself is as near to perfect as a boardgame about a squad from the first company of the Blood Angels – later accompanied by a Librarian – clad in Tactical Dreadnought armour boarding an enormous spacehulk to kill Genestealers can be. The rules are, for my money, pretty much spot on. While watching Terminators vanish instantly in a puff of red-mist is distressing, that’s sort of the point. All those hundreds of years of battle experience ain’t worth so much when the guy commanding you accidentaly leaves your back exposed (Uh yeah, sorry about that Gideon).

The introduction of the Broodlord (could only really happen now, given that the idea of a Broodlord wholesale wasn’t around back when the first and second editions came out) is a good one, I think, though I haven’t gotten that far yet (I believe I’ve played about thirteen or fifteen games and gotten up to, about, the eleventh mission or so. I’ve won twice, once by the narrowest margin I think it’s possible to win by). A big bad boss dude is always cool, especially when he’s got six arms and the model portrays him standing on a needlessly huge pile of skulls.

In the same vein we have yet to see the Librarian show up to fry people with his mind yet, which is a shame, but all things in time, eh?

Suffice to say, I like the game, but am painfully bad at it. Still, only one way to improve.

I guess…


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