I am never going to get to play Dragon Age

I sit here, in a bar, abusing their wireless to download Dragon Age on steam. However, the wireless is abusing me.

I sit there, sipping my curiously flat Grolsch (to be followed by a free, end-of-keg pint of Pride, whoo) watching as the download rate creeps tantilising up to something approaching a decent rate, before plummetting back down to, say, 70kbps. Then lower. Then higher. Then lower again. It’s like trying to get it up when your blood has rebelled against you and is enjoying watching you twist in the wind.

Add to this the fact my laptop has, for some reason, decided not to show me my battery level. I could be about to run out, I don’t know. When it starts beeping obnoxiously, then I’ll know, for now I have no idea.

Oh well. 10%. Only hours and hours to go.



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