We’ve got hostiles

“For God’s sake open the silo doors! They’re coming for us; it’s the only way out! My God we’re doomed!”

Says a scientist, usually just before he runs off, blows himself up and starts a blast door closing (in my case, this time round, I ran ahead, shot him in the face and watched him get crushed by the door, but hell.)

We’ve got hostiles is possibly my favourite section in the original half-life, though such things are hard to choose. It’s the first appearence of the military, which is one of the reasons why I like it so much. Constant murmurs throughout the first part of the game about ‘people coming to rescue us’ come to a head and you watch as scientists run towards soldiers, at first. They then get shot.

“Rescused at last! Thank God you’re here.” Bang bang.

I do so love the marines in this game. Those guns hurt, they throw grenades (and also do that trick where they just put one on the ground; I hate that) and run around really quite fast – usually getting in behind you. They’re not as horribly nasty as, say, the assassins (argh) but I just generally love ’em.

The fact they all sound so harsh and angry all the damn time, a fact not helped by their gas-masks. They swear, they yell at you and later on the graffiti is amusing in showing how much you’re getting to them.

“I’ve killed twelve goddamn scientsts and not one of them fought back. This sucks.”

But anyway. I can’t think of much else to say really, I’ve just been playing it again and am reminded of how good it is.

Oh yeah! And that security guard who gets dragged into the vent right at the beginning. Badass.


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