– Representation of an all-vampire world pretty slick
– Sam Neil
– Vampires are fucking vampires


– The Plot (sic)

Representation of an all-vampire world

The PSA’s about when the sun was coming up, the blood in the coffee, the ads for vampire related services, the day-driving enabled cars. It was all rather well thought out, I reckon, and well done. The blood in the coffee also features in a pretty nice little scene.

Generally, they got the atmosphere and the tone right, which was very nice. The blood harvesting, the stuff the military wears to go out during the day; it added.

Sam Neil

Okay, so he had about ten minutes worth of total screen time but hell, when he showed up he was great.

Didn’t end so great…but hell.

Sam Neil!

Vampires are fucking vampires

It might be passe to rag on the sparklies but dear God was it good to see vampires who act properly in sunlight (e.g. flames and screaming).  Not only that but sometimes they walk on the ceiling, they don’t have reflections (even if that’s only used once for one shot) and EXPLODE when staked (which might explain the proliferation of crossbows, an otherwise rather impractical weapon).

Most importantly, however, they’re not over-emotional tortured souls who just want to be loved. They’re Goddamn monsters. They’re like people – with all the attendant up and downs – only that they’re hiding a somewhat viscious predatory streak. I generally liked the way they did that (again I refer to the coffee and more particular a scene that relates to it later).

Although, why do vampires have to dress as if they’re going to a funeral all the time? Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean black is your only option.

I did like that most everyone smoked like a motherfucker though; I mean, why not?

The Plot (sic)

I am not entirely sure what happens in this film. There’s a vampire world, which is awesome, then the main guy meets some humans and helps them and there’s a cure for vampirism somehow and his brother shows up and then some vampires get cured and they drive off. I’m not sure how this film ends. Is that good? Is this a happy ending? A lot of people did die and nothing really got explained. And why was that guy a bad guy (yeah, that guy)? He just showed up. Ugh.

Too many beers and not enough sleep for this.

I wouldn’t overly recommend the film. The art direction is very good – the blood harvesting thingy is marvellously dystopian – and the vampiric world is solid, but the film itself (and the dialogue, oh God) is somewhat bleh.

But that’s me.


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