Angel of death

So yeah, for no reason I blew money on a game called Legendary (a game I knew to be less than excellent; more fool me, eh?) and it’s furthered a little theory of mine. Well, two theories. Well, sort of.

The first is that in games and sometimes movies and maybe books…hell, just media in general…the protagonist is like some sort of Angel of Death. When they’re not actively bringing the death they carry it with them like a shroud. In Legendary, as the example, I keep running across people suffering from grevious wounds who choose the EXACT moment I show up to finally pop their clogs. It’s uncanny, and it keeps happening! It’s enough to depress a person.

The other thing is the theory I shall call the ‘I have no sympathy for the characters I run into because they die in five seconds’ theory; which is based around the principle that I have no sympathy for the characters I run into because they die in five seconds.

This happened in the new AVP game too, if I’m going to go for recent examples. You’re pottering along, being all protagonisty, when you run into a friendly person. They’re usually a bit rattled, which is fair enough, but you’re happy enough to finally have found a friend (and usually a friend with a gun, too).

Then they die. Pow, just like that. And this keeps happening. After the second or third time you barely stop to say hello and are deaf to their screams as they get killed in some contrived manner. In AVP there’s a marine who, if you don’t approach him, will happily shoot at unseen enemies forever while yelling at them. If you go up to him he will turn, surprised, and then seem overjoyed that another marine showed up. Then he gets killed.

In Legendary a police officer opened a door for me, we had a little chat, then he opened a shutter. A werewolf then killed him.

I know this sort of thing is supposed to show how serious any given situation is but it has no impact if you introduce people and then take them away in the same breath. Let a character run with you for five minutes, give them some fun dialogue, make the player like them THEN kill them. That’ll actually have an effect.

But that’s what I think…


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