Calvin and Hobbes

So yes; I was at work the other day – working – and saw some guy wearing a bootleg Calvin shirt (which was French, of all things). This got me to thinking that I haven’t read any Calvin and Hobbes for some time now, which in retrsospect is something of a shame. I have rectified this now and feel the richer man for it.

You see, Calvin and Hobbes is not just good on a base, fundamental level but is also a pretty hefty part of my childhood and possibly an affecting influence on my growth as well. Or something. You get me.

Either way, I love it. I have maybe ten or so of the books – including two copies of the same one…I forget why – and about half of them are falling to pieces due to me reading them so much as a kid. Hell, one of them has literally fallen into two pieces. Cleanly down the spine, too; I guess I was pretty rough when I was a kid.

But the point is, these things are great, and coming back to them is great to. I was a dim kid, in my opinion, and while I lapped up the awesome drawings and general antics a few of the jokes I’m chuckling at now I remember distinctly not getting at the time. Frankly, I wonder how I went this long just leaving the books sitting there.

Shame on me!

On another note, Bill Watterson – who I finally saw a picture of; rather illusion shattering – gets half a thousand thumbs up from me for his principled stance on the licensing of his creation (not to mention the stips he made about the dispute, which amuse me).

Basically, there is no Calvin and Hobbes merchandise. I have – or had – a Calvin shirt somewhere (with swearing on it, of all things!) but it was a bootleg, like all Calvin and Hobbes merchandise. Bill Watterson never gave his permission for his work to be used by the syndicate for anything other than the strip, if you follow, which means that they weren’t able to churn out meaningless tat with Calvin and Hobbes smeared over it in and a shameless effort to gain more money for something they had little do with.

I may be a little biased here – being a man who writes…well…tripe, but still – but the fact Bill Watterson turned out what was probably quite hefty finanical returns in favour of maintaining the dignity of his work speaks volumes and the man is clearly a man of titantic conviction.

That could just be childhood rose-tinting, but I doubt it. The man seems pretty fucking solid.


2 Responses to “Calvin and Hobbes”

  1. Think I might have to dig out my old copies now for some classic toilet reading

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