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On the EXTREMELY UNLIKELY off-chance that anyone looks at this and cares I’d recommend following this:


Instead of dumping my short stories here, I’m doing it there now.



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Most likely I will write at some greater length – and purely for my own benefit – about the new AVP game at some point but for now I will content myself by saying that the combat synthetics in it are inhuman looking, the only enemy the predator can’t instantly grab and kill, curiously volitile and actually quite nasty.

That is all.

EDIT: In hindsight – having just finished the game properly now – I can also say that the synthetics in the marine campaign NEVER FUCKING DIE.

I have no mouth and I must scream

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Nothing to do with that particular and excellent sci-fi short story, unfortunately, but something else entirely.

No. Now, as we all know Vampire’s are the in thing. They’re sexy, forbidden, able to swan around in the daylight and all sorts of things that make little sense but are apparently quite appealing to a, uh, certain demographic. However! Popular culture never stays still for a moment and of course the roving eye of the canny media magnate type person is ever, uh, rover. Hence, they are now looking for the next big thing in the ‘teenage girl’ romance novel with fantasy parts market.

Or whatever.

Basically, the smart money is apparently on fallen angels and, to be honest, I can see why. They’re like vampires, only almost exactly the same. And also on possibly even shakier ground as to their source material, but hell.

What has this got to do with anything, you ask?

Well, a while ago I read about all this in a newspaper and thought to myself “Hey, I am filled with enthusiasm by the prospect of reviewing/mocking one of these books. Which one looks good? ‘Hush, hush’, you say? My my.” And then thought no more of it. Now I have a copy. Oh dear.

And yes, I do heartily enjoy a bit of the old ‘Blogging Twilight’. It fills me with plagerism. I mean enthusiasm. Bah, I ain’t gonna lie. But hell, who reads this anyway? Me, basically.

Anyway, I’ve run out of ideas right now. I’ll be back with an actual first impressions and shit like that later. For now, I have sausages to eat, a thingy to go to and some kids to drop off at the pool. Whatever.

Game developers

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If you ever think that giving an enemy in one of your games a homing weapon is a good idea take a step back and remember that people play games for fun, on the whole. If this doesn’t sink in do not make things worse by making the same weapon constant fire and capable of knock back. I mean seriously guys, what the fuck? And also don’t let it interrupt the player and – heaven forfend – trap them in an infinite loop they can’t escape.

Dear god.

One man’s love ballad for the Alien

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I love AVP. And by AVP I’m not talking about the comics or the horrifyingly bad film (though the sequel was – hnngghh – ‘better’) I am talking about the game. Not the Atari Jaguar beat ’em up game (it was the Atari Jaguar, right? I forget), not the Monolith sequel or the rather exciting looking new one that’s coming out.

No, I’m talking about the Rebellion version. The game that placed Rebellion on some sort of pedestal in my brain ever since I played it (that and the fact they’re Oxford based and own 2000AD).

A game so old it came in a CARDBOARD BOX on a CD (gasp) AVP is still damn fine. Beyond damn fine, in fact, it is amazing. I could just be gushing in a hyperbolic fashion but I’d say it’s among one of the better if not best FPS’s I’ve played.

And I’ve played a bunch.

But anyway, to get specific, the ‘A’ that makes up the AVP is the titular alien of movie fame. And it is Goddamn sweet. People have often talked about how playing the alien was a, well, alien experience and I might be inclined to agree.

You see, while many FPS’s and in fact the other two races in the game itself have your character standing on the ground and picking up weapons with which to do harm as the alien you are the weapon and every flat surface is the ground since, when crouched, you can crawl over everything. And crawl shouldn’t imply a reduction in pace; you move like shit off a shovel whether you’re standing up on the ground or crawling across the ceiling.

It’s liberating. The alien has the most palpable sense of speed I think I’ve seen in this kind of game. Again, it could just be wistful hyperbole but having just played the game it was still a rush to go halfway through a level in barely under two minutes.

But of course, you can’t run forever. At some point all those marines that are busy screaming and shooting at you – not to mention the civilians crying and running away from you – are going to need dealing with and you’ll find the alien ably equipped to deal with them. You have claws, a tail and that marvellous second set of jaws. They’re all amazing. They all kill in pretty much one hit.

This, I feel, is very important. You’re very, very fast and you kill marines very, very fast but unfortuantely you’re made of wishes and tissue paper and everyone but you has a gun or a molotov and are really quite relaxed about blowing themselves up or shooting their friends if it means killing you (seeing the AI do that still amuses me, as does watching them walk off ledges; it’s an old game…). This balances well.

If you get the drop on people, come at them from angles they don’t expect and do so taking full advantage of your speed – you know, playing an alien like you’re supposed to – and you’ll be an unstoppable blur of destruction. Try to close the six feet between you and guy with the minigun and you might at least take some of their armour off when your acid-blood filled body parts splatter over them.

So yes. Your claws kill in one. Humans, at least, go down easy. Predators not so much. For them you can crack the tail out. Just hold down that right mouse button, watch that barbed beauty coil up and pow, he’s down. But what is he doing on his knee, fiddling with that little thing on his arm? Why is he laughing? What’s so funny? Oh right.

You’ve seen the end of predator. You know where that’s going. So you got to put that dude out for good and the best way of doing this is, of course, by biting his head off. Man that’s satisfying.

The headbite is possibly the most satisfying thing in this game and maybe even of all time. This time I’m not even kidding. Get close enough – and not even that close – and make sure the head of your target is in the middle of your screen. Teeth appear, you click and their head disappears. Not only that, but your health goes up and there’s a very, very cathartic noise. I can’t even describe it.

The headbite is somewhat of a second nature to me now I must admit and is just so damn good. It’s also the recipient of one of my favourite cheats in any game;  the snipermunch. An instant kill, health-charging attack is one thing – it’s quite another with the range limit removed. Hur hur.

But I prattle too much. This is amazingly incoherent, even for six in the morning so I shall wrap up with but two points. The first is dull: aliens can also maul bodies for health. Awesome. Good feature. I hope for the love of God the new game is even half as good (the marine co-operative looks interesting, but my heart always belongs to the alien).

The second is that this game is now on Steam. Go and get it. I implore you!

But hell, I talk balls so what do I know.


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– Representation of an all-vampire world pretty slick
– Sam Neil
– Vampires are fucking vampires


– The Plot (sic)

Representation of an all-vampire world

The PSA’s about when the sun was coming up, the blood in the coffee, the ads for vampire related services, the day-driving enabled cars. It was all rather well thought out, I reckon, and well done. The blood in the coffee also features in a pretty nice little scene.

Generally, they got the atmosphere and the tone right, which was very nice. The blood harvesting, the stuff the military wears to go out during the day; it added.

Sam Neil

Okay, so he had about ten minutes worth of total screen time but hell, when he showed up he was great.

Didn’t end so great…but hell.

Sam Neil!

Vampires are fucking vampires

It might be passe to rag on the sparklies but dear God was it good to see vampires who act properly in sunlight (e.g. flames and screaming).  Not only that but sometimes they walk on the ceiling, they don’t have reflections (even if that’s only used once for one shot) and EXPLODE when staked (which might explain the proliferation of crossbows, an otherwise rather impractical weapon).

Most importantly, however, they’re not over-emotional tortured souls who just want to be loved. They’re Goddamn monsters. They’re like people – with all the attendant up and downs – only that they’re hiding a somewhat viscious predatory streak. I generally liked the way they did that (again I refer to the coffee and more particular a scene that relates to it later).

Although, why do vampires have to dress as if they’re going to a funeral all the time? Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean black is your only option.

I did like that most everyone smoked like a motherfucker though; I mean, why not?

The Plot (sic)

I am not entirely sure what happens in this film. There’s a vampire world, which is awesome, then the main guy meets some humans and helps them and there’s a cure for vampirism somehow and his brother shows up and then some vampires get cured and they drive off. I’m not sure how this film ends. Is that good? Is this a happy ending? A lot of people did die and nothing really got explained. And why was that guy a bad guy (yeah, that guy)? He just showed up. Ugh.

Too many beers and not enough sleep for this.

I wouldn’t overly recommend the film. The art direction is very good – the blood harvesting thingy is marvellously dystopian – and the vampiric world is solid, but the film itself (and the dialogue, oh God) is somewhat bleh.

But that’s me.